React Native Crash Course 2020

React native is javascript framework developed by facebook. React native is allow to users to use react library to create native mobile apps for android & IOS.

Why React Native ?

suppose if you work with android studio you have to written code java for android and other thing is that if you want to build app for ios you have to write code swift. i am super excited to tell you that you have to write code in one platform only java script for android and ios. that the scope for developer to save time.

Whenever there is an update for apps written in Swift/Objective-C or Java, the whole app needs to be recompiled and a new version has to be distributed to the App Store again. All this can take a few weeks depending on the App Store review process.

To avoid this hassle, React Native apps work in a different way, a native app is able to locate specific JavaScript code, which is later downloaded and compiled when the app is launched on an actual device. By this, updating the app can be done instantly without needing to submit a new version to the App Store again and again.

How to install React Native ?

Now I will show you how to install react native in your computer. I just want to explain how you can install. Go to the react native website and follow the instruction what did they write. I am going to skip this installation because I have already install in my computer. If you have any question about the installation process just message in comment section so I will really enjoy to help you. If you are new to my channel subscribe to my channel and switch on the bell icon. Next part I will explain how we can start emulator in computer. And we will start to create new project and hopefully will create hello world program.

here is the installation guide :

Here is the fastest and easiest way to set up a react native development environment on your local Windows machine.

Follow the installation process :

  1. install visual studio code editor Download Link
  2. Install Node JS Download link
  3. install JDK8 dwonload link
  4. Install Python 2.7.16.
  5. Install Android Studio, SDK and AVD Setup as follows.

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